Micrometer Gauge

Micrometer Gauge

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  • Exceptional Measurement Precision:
  • Durable and Stable Construction
  • Consistent Pressure Application


Sub Category: Hand Tools

Category: Technical & Vocational Equipment



The Micrometer Gauge is a precision measuring instrument designed for high-accuracy measurements in demanding applications such as mechanical engineering, metalworking, and scientific research. Engineered with a finely calibrated spindle and anvil, this tool provides measurements with an accuracy of up to 0.001 mm (0.0001 inches), ensuring exceptional precision. Its robust frame is crafted from high-grade materials to ensure stability and minimal thermal expansion, enhancing measurement reliability. The thimble and ratchet stop mechanism allow for consistent pressure application, reducing user error and ensuring repeatable results. With a clear, easy-to-read scale and a smooth ratcheting action, the Micrometer Gauge is an indispensable tool for professionals requiring the utmost in measurement accuracy.

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